Showmanship and theatrics aren’t what I do. For me, speaking engagements are an opportunity to connect, to engage and to inspire others to step into their potential. Each program is an immersive experience that goes beyond talking about what to do. Participants leave feeling empowered, with ideas and strategies they can implement immediately. If your organization is looking for a more meaningful experience, contact me to discuss your goals.


Step into Your Potential

This inspiring keynote covers my personal journey from first generation high school graduate to MBA, and later from corporate layoff to successful entrepreneur and university professor. Through an engaging story, I demonstrate that regardless of your starting point, anything is possible. Along the way, participants will hear my proven strategies for success. This program is relevant for everyone, regardless of their industry or goals.

Personal Brand Camp

My Personal Brand Camp keynote is a highly engaging speech-workshop combination. During our hour together, participants will learn my proven four-step process for building a strong and valuable personal brand. Worksheets are provided, so participants can take the initial steps of personal brand development as we move through the program together. This program can be customized for students, entrepreneurs, professionals and organizational leaders.  


If your team is looking for something a little different, I’m happy to discuss what we can create together. I deliver keynotes and breakout sessions on the following topics: vision and values, personal branding, personal reinvention, life after layoff, entrepreneurship, and marketing. 

Contact me to schedule a free brainstorming session.