Fall, 2019

Publisher’s Note

Autumn in Michigan is definitely my favorite time of year. In addition to the crisp air and high school football, it's strategic planning season! The family business clients with whom I work fall into two camps: those who have hired facilitators to help with strategic planning in the past, only to find the deliverables complex and overwhelming to manage. and those who weren't sure where to begin and ignored strategic planning altogether.

I have some good news for you - strategy doesn't have to be complicated to be effective! It's certainly better to have a straightforward plan in place, rather than an inflated plan that confuses and overwhelms your team or no plan at all. In this inaugural issue of Michigan Family Business magazine, we'll share the insight and tips you need to plan for success in 2020. Going into the new year, I look forward to bringing you inspiring stories of Michigan family business leaders, like you, and advice from experts who specialize in helping Michigan family businesses thrive.



p.s. As a fellow Michigan business owner, I’m excited to help you celebrate the success of family business in our state. If there are topics you’d like to see addressed in a future issue of Michigan Family Business, send your ideas to kris@krismarshconsulting.com.