Kris Marsh Workshops


Whether you are a team of one or 500, I offer professional development programs that are based on years of experience building and leading business training for corporate, university and professional clients. Choose from one of my signature programs, or contact me to discuss your specific development needs.

Signature Programs

Personal Brand Camp™

Personal Brand Camp is designed for entrepreneurs and goal-driven professionals, to help them develop a clear vision of where they’re going, and how to get there. Limited to small groups and teams, this exclusive coaching experience includes a full day of strategic planning, a VIP copy of the Personal Brand Playbook, full access to the Personal Brand Playbook on-demand coaching series and a follow up group coaching call to fast track their strategy launch. At the close of this Masterclass experience, participants will:

  • Have a clear and concise vision, and be ready to make it happen!
  • Be ready to grow their personal brand to recognized expert status
  • Stop dreaming and start building a strategic plan for success
  • Join a community of motivated, like-minded achievers
  • Have accomplished months of strategy and action planning in just one day

Personal Brand Camp for Leaders™

Personal Brand Camp for Leaders is designed for organizational leadership teams, to help them connect better with themselves, each other and the goals of their organization. This program can be delivered as a half-day or full-day Masterclass experience. At the close of this Masterclass experience, participants will:

  • Understand what a personal brand is, and why personal brand management is critical to success
  • Have a heightened level of self-awareness, including hidden strengths and development opportunities
  • Have set an intention about the leader they want to be and the ‘mark’ they want to make
  • Have explored the impact their personal brand can make on the success of their peers and team
  • Have identified 3 personal brand goals
  • Have mapped a personal brand action plan

Vision and Values Masterclass

The Vision and Values Masterclass can be delivered as a two-hour or half-day Masterclass experience. At the close of this Masterclass experience, participants will:

  • Have created a personal goal mind map
  • Have used the mind map to explore their personal, true purpose
  • Have developed a powerful, concise and inspiring personal Vision
  • Have defined their own personal, non-negotiable core Values
  • Have explored how their Vision and Values can be leveraged to create a powerful story and reach their goals

More Workshop Options

Does your team or organization need something more? Email to schedule a free consultation to discuss custom training solutions:

Effective Communication; the principles and practice of effective team communication; custom designed to address your specific communication challenges

Marketing 101; a crash course in understanding strategic marketing; custom designed to deliver the level of detail your team needs

Lead Management; a lesson in understanding the most effective way to manage valuable business leads; designed as a two- or four-hour course

Business Process Design; a lesson in understanding how effective business processes are designed and implemented; designed as a two- or four-hour course

Claim Substantiation; a lesson in understanding claim substantiation requirements and process; custom designed to deliver the level of detail you need

Leadership Development; a program designed to elevate the performance capabilities and confidence of your organization’s current or emerging leaders; custom designed to address your organization’s specific needs as course modules, workshops or full retreats

When you’re ready to take yourself or your team to the next level, contact me to discuss your specific development needs.