Management Consulting

Mgmt Consulting Transparent


At some point, we all encounter roadblocks that prevent our business from reaching its full potential. Whether you need to restore profitability or improve operational and organizational effectiveness, I can provide the structure, knowledge and tools you need to uncover and remove the roadblocks to your success.

My methods are based on proven Fortune 500 experience and techniques, scaled to meet the needs of your business. The process is not for everyone, as it requires absolute transparency and a full commitment to make the changes necessary to get your business operating at its full potential.


My Management Consulting Process is Based on Six Sigma Methodology:



During the define phase, we will work to develop a clear understanding of the problem your company is facing. Together, we will scope the work that needs to be done and develop specific and measurable improvement objectives. 


In order to measure improvement, you need to understand current performance. Based on your defined objectives, we will design performance metrics and develop a plan to benchmark that performance at the beginning of your project.


Profitability, growth and organizational challenges are symptoms of a deeper root cause. During the analysis phase, I will employ proven tools and methods to uncover and understand the root cause of symptoms your company is experiencing. This step requires full transparency and commitment, as we work to uncover ineffective behaviors, as well as system, process and organizational gaps. 


Once we understand the root cause of your company’s defined problem, I will recommend solutions for correction and improvement that are based on Fortune 500 experience. Together, we will build the strategy and action plan required to restore profitability, accelerate growth and improve organizational effectiveness.


The strategy and plan we design will include actions to measure performance improvement based on your project’s defined objectives. We will also identify risk factors that have the potential to derail your strategy, and develop control mechanisms to mitigate that risk. 


When you’re ready to take the next step, I’m ready to help. Call (989) 205-3972, or email me to discuss your business needs.