Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Transparent

Launch, Growth and Diversification Strategies

Whether your goal is to launch a new business or grow an existing one, it all comes down to clear market insight and planning. My strategic planning process is based on two decades of global, Fortune 500 experience, scaled to meet the needs of your business.

My process is very collaborative. Together, we will clarify your business model, uncover your best market opportunities, set clear objectives and build strategies for success. This collaboration ensures that you gain insight and knowledge of the planning process, setting you up for future success.


My Strategic Planning Process:


Vision, Mission and Core Values

The first critical step is defining your vision, mission and core values. This foundation will unify employees and stakeholders; direct strategy and decision-making; focus resources and investments; and serve as the rules of engagement as your business grows. 

Situational Analysis

During the situational analysis phase, we will discover and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your company and key market influencers. We will identify information gaps and find the most efficient ways to fill them. 

Objective Setting

To build a successful road map, you need to know where you are heading. Together, we will set specific, measurable objectives for your organization, which will drive the rest of the planning process. It may sound easy, but this is often the most challenging step.

Strategic Planning

Your business or market plan will be customized to the specific challenges and opportunities your business is facing. Working together, we will develop a strategic plan that positions your organization for success, with a strong market strategy backed by process and resource planning.

Implementation Management

Your business or market plan is your road map to success. As such, it includes a detailed action plan of tactics and processes. Together, we will determine the level of support you need for successful implementation. Your implementation plan will include details of who, what, when, where and how for every action.

What to expect from me:

As your strategic planning consultant and facilitator, I will:

  • Challenge your team to clarify your vision, goals and core values
  • Help you find the most relevant and meaningful information among the data that you currently have
  • Identify critical information gaps and provide recommendations for the most efficient ways to fill them
  • Hold you accountable to do the work, take next steps and move forward
  • Provide facilitation that keeps the conversation moving forward and avoids distractions
  • Provide proven methods, tools and processes for effective and aligned strategy development
  • Provide tactic, resource and process recommendations in support of your goals and objectives

When you’re ready to take the next step toward growth, I’m ready to help. Call (989) 205-3972, or email me to discuss your strategic planning needs.