Kris Marsh Leadership Coaching


Every great leader needs a talented coach in their corner, asking the tough questions and helping them find solutions.

Each year, I engage a short list of clients who are ready to do what it takes to push through to their highest level of success. Together, we clarify their personal brands, set meaningful goals, and build a plan for success.

But what is it, really?

It’s strategic planning for the most important brand- your own! And it’s not for everyone- only those who are highly committed to taking control of their own success. We’ll begin with a strategy session to explore your vision, clarify your objectives and build an intentional and specific action plan. Weekly or monthly coaching sessions follow to review action plan progress, challenge boundaries and discuss the next steps to take in reaching your goals.

Just want to brainstorm, find inspiration or get some advice? Hourly consulting is also available.

If you’re ready to push the limits of what you thought was possible, contact me to learn if executive coaching is right for you.

Kris Marsh Consulting


“Amazing morning with an ‘Aha’ that I never saw coming!”

“What an awesome experience! So much to think about, peeling the layers back and diving into branding has exceeded all expectations.”

“This is an investment in myself.”

“You are so good at what you do.”

“Thanks for your leadership shaping this critically important personal development.”

“I’ve had leaders discuss the need for a personal brand with me before, but never the how.”

“You’re a ceaseless promoter of dream following.”

“I gained so much more from your session than just my single guiding word. Thank you!”

“This was informative and provided tools I can implement today, Thanks Kris for a great session!”

Want to get started on your own?

Unlock your greatest potential with the Personal Brand Playbook, the complete strategy, planning and coaching system for entrepreneurs!

The complete strategy, planning and coaching system for entrepreneurs and leaders
The complete strategy, planning and coaching system for entrepreneurs and leaders