About Kris

Kris MarshTwo decades ago, I went to work leading global programs and teams at a multi-billion dollar corporation. My experience covered global marketing communications, business process design, change management programming, training and organizational development, and regional market leadership. During that time, one thing remained the same- my passion for solving problems and improving performance.

In 2013, I launched Marketing Flexibility, a marketing consultancy. However, it quickly became clear that my clients required more than marketing support to reach their fullest potential. With my background in global business management, organizational effectiveness and business process design, it was difficult for me to ignore the challenges and opportunities my clients were having outside of marketing. Kris Marsh Consulting was founded to encompass the strategic planning, management consulting, crisis management, business process design, organizational development and professional coaching I was already doing.

When you’re ready to push the limits of what you thought was possible, I’m ready to help with the structure, knowledge and tools you need- all based on proven Fortune 500 methods, scaled to meet your needs. Contact me to discuss your business or professional challenges.

Kris Marsh, MBA

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