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What I Do

I help organizations and professionals unlock their highest potential. After 20 years of global business and market leadership, I know that regardless of the challenge or opportunity, it all comes down to skilled analysis and intentional planning. Whether you need to increase profitability, grow and diversify your business, improve the effectiveness of your organization, or build your own personal brand, together we will develop strategies that help you reach your full potential. When you’re ready to push the limits of what you thought was possible, I'm ready with the structure, knowledge and tools you need- all based on two decades of proven Fortune 500 experience.

Ready for your next phase of growth? I'm ready to provide the structure and insight you need.


Whether your goal is launch, growth, diversification- or just getting intentional; it all comes down to careful analysis and strategic planning.


Sometimes, the root cause of growth or organizational challenges is not so easy to see. With thorough analysis, we can uncover and remove the roadblocks to your success.


When your organization is poised for growth, you need dedicated management of your marketing strategy and commercial initiatives. Marketing Flexibility provides you with the benefit of an experienced Marketing Director, at an affordable, shared-service cost.


Whether you are a team of one or 500, every successful leader has an experienced coach in their corner, asking the tough questions, providing expert advice and challenging them to reach their full potential.


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